The future begins here

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We are a family

We care for each other like a family. We have each other's backs, and we fill each other's roles.

And the same goes for the academy. 

The path of growth

When we are together, we are non-stop and powerful.

At the academy, we try to be like a pack of wolves and survive.

Hard work pays off

We are interested in fellow lads and ladies who are passionate about what they are doing. 

Hard and long debug times as a programmer.

Tough art studies as an artist and night owling as a designer will be no problem to a guy who enjoys what he or she is doing.

You wanna join us ?

If you are interested in joining the academy as an intern, student … etc. fill the form below and tell us about your passions and skills, and we will reach out asap.

Make sure you describe yourself and your passions in a few lines. 

And if you have an XP of working or studying somewhere else, make sure you include a link to your portfolio.

If you are a professional partner and want to skip the academy, contact us using the link below.