The Creation of Games requires a molten core of knowledge and a flaming bonfire of creativity! Welcome to Armazda …

One but wonderful


Armazda is born with a game development mission, but we knew that in order to evolve we needed to adapt, and that’s where all the other services and creative stuff that we do comes in.

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Javad Allenchari

Javad Allenchari

Concept Artist / Co-Founder

He is the concept artist in the army of armazdaians, but the team also know him as the creative mind, writer, producer, web designer and other cool stuff, but he would rather stick to his passion which is the pen and paper

Alireza Zamani

Alireza Zamani

Co-Founder / Game Designer

Alireza is a very talented Game developer skilled in time management, leadership, game design, level design, and generally everything design.

“I was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life.”
Fitzgerald F. Scott

Iman Nateghi

Iman Nateghi


He is one of the few programmers who doesn’t drink coffee. A professional Unity & programmer who worked on a lot of different project with armazda and survived the massive bugs and challenges that our past and future had and will have for him.

Soheil Ahmadi

Soheil Ahmadi

ِGame Designer

Soheil is the co-founder of rubicgames. He has designed and published x3 board games. He is a system designer with a rich business skill


“For the Horde”

Mahtab Allenchari

Mahtab Allenchari

Writer / Nerdvana / marketing

Mahtab is a highly proficient English interpreter and writer. Since she’s also skilled in videography and social media marketing, her current role is managing our online shop/start-up project, nerdvana.

“If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe!”

Mahyar Alizadeh

Mahyar Alizadeh

Writer - Nerdvana - Nerdlog

Mahyar also known as FitB is a talented writer and a valuable member of the Nerdvana team. He is also interested in the art and is ready to start a new adventure!

Bardia Rostampour

Bardia Rostampour

Game designer

He is among those game designers that is great at what he is doing, he is very skilled at narrative design, level design and all things design.

He can Also write!


From the bottom of our hearts, we offer these

Software Development

Our programmers at armazda are capable of designing bug-free and fluid software programs for any operating systems

Web Design

We had the opportunity to design appealing and fast websites for our partners and customers.

Game Development

We are proud to be game developers who love every millisecond of what we are doing in the process of making a game

Starting UP

Managing multiple startups with ups and downs, failures and successes are our to be proud skills.


Our team always seeks the bounds of tech and art for anything new and creative.

SEO & Marketing

During our hard and exciting adventures in the game development and web design, we gain the abilities of nailing a SEO and marketing

Fatemeh Riazi

User of our game :
Skarlet Cross

It was an exciting game with a nice scenario and I enjoyed the music, visuals and the gameplay.


Smart selection

In our path to success we always try to analyse the situations and determine the opportunities because understanding every possible scenario will help to select the best paths and that’s what we are aiming for!

We are going alone yet together

How our team of multiple remote engineers and artists work is magic since the passion is the core of our system we manage ourselves instead of each other, this way we are always going forward and reach the deadlines successfully


Cloudy brains with a chance of storms

In armazda ideas go together and not alone, we always have fun brainstorm sessions about the ideas of our game and everyone is free to express everything and the ideas evolve around each other

The Nature of fire

We chose “Fire” as our symbol because it always moves toward the upside and brings the light of creativity to the darkest and untouched sides of human day-to-day life.

(“The Nature of Fire video“ Credits go to the respective owners)

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