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Are The
Game Rules.
Cheat Codes.

We are The guys behind your favorite apps and games or maybe those new shiny techs. The team is always on the path of growth and progress, we are you the user and the gamer, so help us learn.

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we are tech & art united by joy to create

We are a group of passionate people who loves what they are doing, it feels like we've been made to do what we are doing. The most precious thing to us is the ring of power, apology !! Your trust.


Publishing Net

As indie game developers ourselves we are always committed to help the fellow devs like ourselves grow up. you can count on the warmth of the armazda

Games \

VG Devs

We are proud to call ourselves the gamers and game developers. It's the very passion and power that led us here.



Sometimes we don't need big rockets to feel the other worlds, maybe all we need is already here thanks to augmented reality, Blockchain & …

IRL services


To ensure that our techs are connecting to the right people, we partnered with  Nerdvana  to have some in real life joy.

Web Design & SEO


The websites are like canvases to us, a creation of code and art combined with a drop of innovation. we are here to deliver the best in class websites.

Brand-new game by our team

Skarlet Cross

In the galaxies far, far away, a war between great forces causes disruptions in the life of four great heroes. As a Hero, your responsibility is to stay alive while defending Humanity.

Great fights and the peak of shoot-em up
Rewarding and fun gameplay
Unique art with attention to details


How we work

Here’s the process we use to deliver the best games and apps to you.


Market & idea analysis

We’ll create an execution plan based on the idea, which maximizes all the opportunities we see for growth and specific markets.


Strategy Discussion

We’ll get you as many quick and early wins as possible, while setting up specific, long-term, scalable marketing goals.


Full Rollout

We’ll roll out our full execution plan, focusing on timely, tactical implementation, and setting up scalable growth opportunities.


Learn and Adjust

Our marketing team continually monitors your results every step of the process, then leverages that to get you even more wins.

why you chose us

Why our Users and Clients call us the "Cool ones!"

Our capabilities encompass everything in the app and game development also we are always open to new Technologies like AR, VR, Blockchain and …

We are proud to call ourselves The students, and we are always learning together, and we try to share this knowledge with others through our academy.

The team has a very clear goal for it's future : we'll enjoy what we will do and share the passion and joy with our dear users.

You are the center of what we do

From the very beginning of a project, we set the users and what they want in the center of the ideas.

We Believe in what we do

Nothing can't stop a bunch of outlaws creating games and apps with pure passion. We are bulletproof.

Unparalleled expertise

The team is consist of professional game and software Developers who worked on many games and creative apps.

There will be no break for us

We always try to recruit the friends who are like us and improve the quality of our works.

Our dear friends & partners